MaxScript & Rigging

Face rig

This is a presentation of a facial rig that I usually do. Rig is created with morph targets wired via script controllers to control objects. I also hold credits for modeling this character. You can see a render image in my portfolio on a home page, and also in a gallery.


Rigging a car with MaxScript

This is a demonstration of MaxScript that I wrote for automatic car rigging. I will also upload a script file soon.

Flower Rig

This is a small rigging reel that I created. Those rigs and models are used in MTV Jukebox Opener produced in Fried Pictures studio.
I used 3ds Max and MaxScript for rigging.

Book rig

This is a book rig that I did for a “Stories about songs” TV opener, produced in Fried Pictures studio. Rig is a combination of a bones and morphing animation.


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